The extra virgin olive oil Colline Salernitane Dop is one of the excellent products Casa Iuorio’s pantry.

Tasting it you can appreciate the distinctive notes: the colour from green to straw yellow, the strong taste, the acidity that should not exceed the 0,7%. It is an oil of superior quality, obtained in a large area, dedicated since very long time to the cultivation of olive trees. Walking through the in land areas, the vital presence of the olive groves is noticeable, also of fundamental importance for the stability of the soil.

The Dop certification – Protected Designation of Origin, is an extra guarantee for the consumer, since the companies belonging to the Consortium must observe a precise production specification.

Most studies traced the cultivation of olive trees to the ancient settlers of Magna Graecia. With Romans this cultivation spread even more, to become a characteristic element of the landscape of the province of Salerno. Today the Colline Salernitane Dop is produced in more than 80 villages, from Vallo di Diano to the Amalfi Coast.

Casa Iuorio’s oil is obtained from Carpellese and Frantoio olives varieties. They are harvested by hand and pressed within 24 hours, transported to the mill in special perforated chests. They are cold-pressed, at a temperature that doesn’t exceed 27 degrees, so we keep intact the organoleptic qualities of the olives and consequently the benefits of the oil. The acidity analysed this year in our oil is 0.3%. The olive juice extracted is the most faithful expression of goodness that the lands of Salerno are able to offer.

The harvest of our olives.

The harvest of our olives.

Olives from which we get our extra virgin olive oil.

Olives from which we get our extra virgin olive oil.

The mill.

At the mill.

The oil with the typical extra virgin color.

The oil with the typical extra virgin color.

Try it! It will be an unforgettable experience for your taste buds.
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Proposals for a snack with extra virgin olive oil Colline Salernitane Dop

The extra virgin olive oil Colline Salernitane Dop is ideal to dress salads and grilled fish but also soups and legumes. We like to recommend it in a double version to offer an healthy snack also to our children.

  • Bread and oil: it is probably the simplest and most genuine snack. The fragrant oil meets the goodness ofthe home-made bread and also becomes an opportunity to explain to the little ones how their grandparents were having a snack, when sweets were rare and the afternoon break was almost always consumed outdoors.
  • Bread and oil.

    Bread and oil.

  • Home made cake: as per our family tradition, we use always oils to mix doughs for baking sweet or salty cakes. For a good snack we propose an easy and fast donut made with few ingredients but with great nutritional value.
    Here you are the easy recipe: 300 g of flour type 00; 150 g of sugar; 100 ml of extra virgin olive oil; 50 ml of milk; 3 eggs; lemon skin; 1 bag of baking powder for cakes.
  • Cake dough with extra virgin olive oil.

    Cake dough with extra virgin olive oil.


    Home made cake.

    The final result.


    Pertosa is a small village in the caves of the National Park of Cilento, Vallo di Diano and Alburni. In fact, this territory in the south of Salerno, is also famous because it has become the origin of the white artichoke, a rare vegetable that identifies its name with one of the village where the cultivation was restarted. Besides Pertosa, white artichoke also grows in the neighbouring areas of Auletta, Caggiano and Salvitelle.

    Pertosa’s white artichoke has been included in the list of traditional agri-food products of the Campania Region and subsequently it has also become a Slow Food Presidium. This indicates its important role in safeguarding local biodiversity and the task of those who have accepted the courageous challenge of continuing to cultivate it.

    Pertosa’s white artichoke: characteristics

    Pertosa’s white artichoke has a very light green colour, tending to silver. It has a round shape, is large and without thorns. The heart has a particularly delicate flavour therefore is special to be tasted fresh or preserved in oil.

    Casa Iuorio prepares the pickles of white artichoke following a traditional recipe and using only quality ingredients: extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice and some aromas of our garden such as bay leaves, garlic and chili pepper.

    Pertosa’s white artichoke: Casa Iuorio’s cultivation

    Because the valuable characteristics of this vegetable, we decided to grow it also in our farm. To start the first crops, we have directly selected the seeds from our trusted Pertosa’s farmers, where we went personally. Our open-fields cultivation, situated in the areas of the Alburni Mountains are particularly fertile and suitable for these crops. Waiting for the next harvest, we leave confident that nature takes its course, as it always does.


    Pertosa distant view.

    A field in Pertosa with artichokes cultivation.

    A field in Pertosa with artichokes cultivation.

    Amid the rows of artichokes.

    Amid the rows of artichokes.