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Book your artisanal tomato preserves

In Casa Iuorio we make tomato preserves as per our ancient family recipe. From the strong family passion for tomatoes and the craftsmanship we produce peeled tomatoes, passata, ready sauces, tomatoes in brine and pacchetelle (tomatoes fillets). How are our artisanal tomato preserves made? With tomatoes from our fields, only the ripest, pulpy and fragrant […]

New year, new references in the pantry of Casa Iuorio

2021 in Casa Iuorio started with many new products in the pantry: cabbage, cauliflower and fennel are the new references to try! Freshly prepared by hand, with seasonal vegetables, they enrich our offer for lovers of good food. Vegetables grow in a sustainable way, in our fields in Palomonte, in the province of Salerno, and […]

Casa Iuorio: study, love and know-how for healthy and good food

Casa Iuorio is born from the willingness of ​​cultivating autochthone vegetables, typical of our territory: Valle del Sele. And the need to satisfy an increasing demand: healthy and natural food, made of few ingredients, simple and good, as we were children. Determined by this aspiration, we begun to transform the precious fruits of our land. […]

The Italian Carnival between “chiacchiere” fried pastries and stories

The Italian Carnival celebrations start this week till March 5th, on the  famous Fat Tuesday. Which ends all the Carnival celebrations and begins the Lent period. The origins of Carnival date back to the Roman Saturnalia festival and Dionysian feasts in Greece. A feast characterized by unrestrained enjoyment and an opportunity to upend and subvert norms. […]

Broccoli “spiert”(wild): the biodiversity of our fields

Broccoli “spiert” are the seasonal vegetables that the nature lets grow during this period. It’s a traditional broccoli ecotype that we have always cultivated in our family farm. Our grandparents, and their parents even before, cultivated them and we learned to appreciate them in traditional recipes. The term “spiert” encloses the whole meaning of this […]