olio extra vergine di oliva, limonolio e piccantolio

Oil, Limonolio and Piccantolio

One of the most prestigious  products of our pantry: Extra Virgin Olive Oil. A product with a  delicate taste but so good that it can be tasted just over a slice of homemade bread.

It is a superior category oil,”Colline Salernitane DOP”( Protected Designation of Origin), obtained directly from the olives and exclusively with cold pressing. The extra virgin olive oil DOP “Colline Salernitane” has very ancient roots, as it derives from autochthone varieties that have always been present in Salerno province.

Limonolio is a lemon infusion of  Amalfi Coast Lemon and  Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  With olives cultivated exclusively in Italy.

Piccantolio is an infusion of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and hot chilly pepper.

An excellent condiment for fresh salads and all kinds of fish and meat dishes.

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