Tomatoes Fillets are made by hand according to the traditional recipe. The variety is the typical “Fiaschello Battipagliese”, an ancient ecotype historically cultivated in the Battipaglia Valley, in Salerno.

This ancient variety, Fiaschello, came back after over forty years on our tables thanks to an action to recover the production chain on our territory. Today we want to re- propose this red tomato which has a sweet taste and an intense scent. A genuine and unique taste, appreciated all over the world.

Another excellence of our “Home” are Peeled tomatoes, born from our deep-rooted passion for tomatoes, a true love, handed down from generation to generation. The genuine scent of freshly picked tomatoes, matured in the sun of our land, is an icon of our tradition. A fresh and authentic taste, which carefully “immersed” in its own juice preserves all its natural taste and its fresh fragrance.

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