2021 in Casa Iuorio started with many new products in the pantry: cabbage, cauliflower and fennel are the new references to try!

Freshly prepared by hand, with seasonal vegetables, they enrich our offer for lovers of good food.

Vegetables grow in a sustainable way, in our fields in Palomonte, in the province of Salerno, and are hand-picked and transformed within few hours, while they are still fresh.

The recipes we prepare, with the support of a food technologist, are simple, made with very few ingredients and without the addition of preservatives and dyes. They really remember the flavors of the past!

What are the new references?

Cabbage with mountain potatoes and artisanal bacon

A traditional Campania recipe of peasant origin, prepared entirely by hand in our laboratory. You can eat it as a first course; as a soup if heated; as a side dish.

Cabbage with potatoes and bacon

OrtoMayo of cauliflower

It is the latest of our OrtoMayo line, mayonnaise made with only four ingredients and without eggs. It is suitable for pizza, bruschetta and focaccia; to dress pasta; to accompany meat and fish.

OrtoMayo of cauliflower

Grilled fennel in balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil

Fennel, grilled and then prepared with balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil, without adding preservatives, can be served as an appetizer with cold cuts and cheeses; as a side dish; in a gourmet sandwich.

Grilled fennel

Do you want to try the new specialties of Casa Iuorio?

Courgettes, originating in Latin America, have a high water content and very few calories. Rich in vitamins, phosphorus and potassium, they are typical vegetables of the summer season.

The variety that we grow in our farm is “San Pasquale”, characterized by a cylindrical shape and light green streaks. The plants are usually planted around the middle of May (the name of this variety is linked to San Pasquale Baylon which is celebrated on 17 May). In exceptional cases like this year, because the insistent rain, we planted them on the end of May so they are available until the end of October.

Zucchini plants

Courgette plants of our fields.

Currently, manual harvesting in the fields is in progress, followed by the transformation, always done by hand.

Zucchini hand picked

Our zucchini are hand-picked.


Freshly picked zucchini.

Courgettes are washed and sliced, then put in salt, squeezed and passed for a few minutes in boiling water together with the vinegar; put to cool and prepared in glass jars, with extra virgin olive oil. Without the addition of preservatives or colourings.

Zucchini flavoured

Zucchini flavoured with extra virgin olive oil and chilli.

Zucchini in glass jars

Zucchini ready for tasting.

Courgettes are prepared soon after the harvest and in this way maintain their crunchiness and the preserve the fragrance of the fresh vegetable.

How to use zucchini

Courgettes in oil can be tasted with meat and cheese dishes as a side dish or as appetizers. With bread they can also become an unusual snack.

To preserve the quality keep the jar in a cool place away from light. After opening, store it in a cool place, with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

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The sunshine tomato (pomodoro al sole or pomodoro a’ sole, in dialect of the Valle del Sele) is a traditional tomato’s variety we grow in our farm.

It is a red, round, pulpy tomato with a sweet taste. As the name suggests, it mainly needs a lot of sun to grow and to get its maturation. In our fields the sun accompanies all the phases of our vegetable. In fact, we cultivate in open field, without using greenhouses.

The characteristics of this tomato are linked to the way in which the plants grow. Our plants are low and without support, in direct contact with the earth – clayey and arid, and this gives the fruit its fleshy consistency and full-bodied taste. They need few water to grow (usually they are watered in the evening, even once a week).

The plants are planted by hand one by one, and the tomatoes are also harvested manually, so that only the fruits that have reached full ripeness are chosen.

Casa Iuorio tomato plant

Each tomato plant is planted by hand.

Casa Iuorio tomato plant

The tomato sprouts kept wrapped in a damp cloth before being planted in the earth.


Tomato plants in the sun.

Tomato plants in the sun.

Fresh or in pure, the sunshine tomato (pomodoro al sole) satisfies every taste. Suitable for any preparation, from a basil-flavoured salad to dress a past dish.

Referring the nutritional fact, tomatoes are rich in water, vitamins, phosphorus, potassium and especially of lycopene, an antioxidant that gives it the classic red color.

Compared to the normal red tomatoes we find at supermarket, our pomodoro al sole has a double quantity of lycopene, for the benefit of our health.

What is lycopene and which are the benefits?

Lycopene, like all antioxidants, has a protective function against cellular aging, counteracting the action of free radicals. From many scientific researchers the benefits on our health have been listed:

  • • prevents stroke;
  • • benefits the eyes and the skin;
  • • protects the artery walls;
  • • combats bad LDL cholesterol;
  • • promotes heart health, reducing blood pressure and the risk of heart attack.

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How do I shop at the Casa Iuorio online shop?

Buying a product on our shop is very simple and immediate. Enter in the shop area on the top right of the website and choose the preferred products from the list and proceed with the purchase. For your best selection we enriched the picture of every product with a full description of ingredients and preparation methods. Add the favourite products to the cart and simply enter the billing information and the purchase is done.

All our products are prepared in a traditional way, by hand, with excellent raw materials grown in our fields in Palomonte, in the province of Salerno. Our open field crops follow the rhythm of the seasons, they are made without forcing the nature, starting from the autochthonous seeds of the Alta Valle del Sele.

Our goal is to offer a healthy and good product. Healthy because it is the result of a clean environment (our farm is located between the natural reserves of  “Foce Sele – Tanagro” and “Monti Eremita-Marzano”) and good because in every jar there is all the knowledge of our family recipes, which we transferred in each preparation.

Our farm covers nine hectares, the productions are limited, nothing to do with the numbers of the industries and we are happy because we want to continue to be a family farm.

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