Tomatoes: tomatoes fillets Pacchetelle, peeled and sauces

Tomato is one of the most appreciated ingredients of our kitchen. It is an icon of our tradition. We hand-pick and work it very soon to preserve its freshness and flavours.

“Pacchetelle” (Tomatoe fillets) are made by hand according to the traditional recipe. We cut the tomatoes in half and place them in a jar one by one. In this way we preserve a traditional conservation method and a total natural product.

The variety we selected is “Fiaschello Battipagliese”, an ancient ecotype cultivated historically in the Battipaglia Valley, in the province of Salerno.

This ancient variety, Fiaschello, return on our tables after more than forty years, thanks to an action to recover the production chain on our territory. And it is only in this way that today we can propose it, with its particularshape, evoked by the name. The vermilion red color, the sweet taste and the intense fragrance make it a genuine and unique product, appreciated all over the world.

Other excellences of our assortment are “peeled tomatoes” and “tomato sauce”, inspired by the family passion for the tomato sauce.

Red cherry tomatoes (datterino rosso) and yellow cherry tomatoes (datterino giallo) are also a precious selection of our pantry. This variety is characterized by its particularly sweet and delicate taste. It can be tasted natural, chopped or served as a sauce.

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