The truffle has a scent and an unique flavor. It can be used to give refinement to a  pasta or also to enrich meat and fish dishes.

Tartufata is a cream of champignon mushroom (agaricus hortensis) and black truffle at 10% (tuber mesentericum) enriched with extra virgin olive oil,  garlic and lemon juice.

To season a plate with a precious mountain flavor, we propose  Asparagi and Tartufi (Asparagus and Truffles) with asparagus and black truffle (tuber aestivum) seasoned with salt and extra Virgin Olive Oil.

According to a precious recipe with a centenary history, the art of authentic Caciocavallo Podolico marries the refinement of the prized White Truffle, thus giving life to a jar with the flavor of true tradition. An extraordinary taste that lends itself to accompany dishes of what you want nature, to aim for the stars.

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